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What Our Clients Say

     Of course the welfare, safety, and happiness of your pets will always be our priority; our professional pet sitters are also trained to look after many of your other concerns as well.  Here are some of our clients’ testimonies of why they choose Pet Sitting verses Kenneling.           Karen Salaway


     On the second day of our eight day trip, our built-in humidifier began to leak.  The drain hose clogged up and every time the furnace came on, water poured out.  Our Nanny from The Ozark Pet Nanny discovered the leak right away.  She called us and the repairman; she used a shop vac to remove four and a half gallons of water from our carpeting.  After the repair she monitored fans as they dried the remaining moisture. 

     By the time we returned home from our trip, you could not tell anything had happened at all.  Had we kenneled our dog rather than use The Ozark Pet Nanny, we would have come home to a huge mess and thousands of dollars of damage to our home.  Believe me, if you want peace of mind while on your vacations, use The Ozark Pet Nanny!!       Mike and Linda



      We would never use a boarding facility for our two dogs.  Our Labrador retriever Bailey will not tolerate any kind of confinement. He hurt himself once trying to get out of a cage at the Vet. Clinic and destroyed a wall of a room at another facility.  We were very happy to find The Ozark Pet Nanny, our dogs stay home with run of the house as usual and they LOVE their Nanny’s!!

     When our new granddaughter was born we went to Iowa for two weeks to help my daughter.  My ever economic minded husband turned off our hot water heater before our trip as he always does.  As part of The Ozark Pet Nanny’s routine our Nanny checked our deep freezer and found it not running.  She called us, and right away my husband realized his mistake, he had flipped off the wrong breaker, freezer NOT water heater!  Fortunately she discovered this on her first visit to our home, so the food was still frozen.  She corrected the breaker mix-up and no harm was done. 

     If it wasn’t for The Ozark Pet Nanny we would have returned home two weeks later to a foul smell, hundreds of dollars of bad meat and an awful mess to clean.                      Dan and Carey


     My husband is gone now and the children all grown up and living in other states.  But, I have my Tinkerbelle, my pampered kitty companion.  I love her very much.  She is de-clawed and not allowed outdoors, but loves to sit on the screened in patio with me for hours at a time.  She eats canned food for the moisture along with her dry food because her doctor says she doesn’t drink enough water.  When she only ate the dry food I used to leave her home alone for a week-end when I went to visit my son in Oklahoma.

     Now because of the wet food I use The Ozark Pet Nanny, and it’s a good thing because in the spring of 2008 while visiting my son, one night we had terrible storms both in Okalahoma and in Missouri.  It turned out my Nanny went over to my house in the middle of the night, as soon as the worst of the storm past, and checked on my Tinkerbelle and house.  A large limb was thrown by the sixty mile an hour wind gusts into the side of my house, shattering the window above my washer and dryer in the laundry room.

     The Nanny (Karen) first found Tinkerbelle to make sure she had not gotten out of the open window.  Then she secured the window with wood, plastic and tape, to keep the rain out and Tinkerbelle in.  She cleaned up every bit of glass so Tinkerbelle didn’t cut her little paws.  And all this in the middle of the night!!

     Karen waited until morning to call me and ask me who she should contact to repair the window, and she notified my good friend and next door neighbor that my house was not secure so he could keep an eye out for teenagers up to no good.

     Even when I have used friends, neighbors, or relatives in the past to pet sit for me, I would have never expected them to check my pets or home in the middle of the night.  The Ozark Pet Nanny’s are true professionals and go above and beyond.  Tinkerbelle and I are clients for life!!             Mary  



     Hello, my name is John, I’m from Chicago.  I met my lovely wife, she is an artist.  She feels the city is not a good place to raise a child so we bought a house with acreage in rural Camdenton.  We have lots of fenced pasture and only one horse, so I rent pasture for a few people to keep their horses here too.  We somehow ended up with three pot bellied pigs that enjoy run of the place, a number of cats that seem to multiply, and one old dog.

     The house is old, but I’m a handy kind of guy and have been remodeling in my spare time.  Still, I have to stay ahead of the freezing pipes in the winter, and making sure all the animals have plenty of fresh water in the middle of summer is a daily chore.

     To make a long story shorter, we never took vacations.  I didn’t know what legal or insurance issues could arise if anything went wrong with the horses if we were away.  We haven’t made friends with our neighbors.  Our friends live miles away.  So, my parents and my wife’s came to our house to visit us and their granddaughter.

     Then someone told me about The Ozark Pet Nanny!  They are bonded and insured professionals!  We became clients!  Our first trip, sort of a trial run, was a four day week-end home to Chicago for Christmas.  It was Great to be there again!!  We returned home and everything was perfect, the Nanny’s took great care of everyone and kept the pipes from freezing!

     In June we dropped my daughter off at the grandparent’s house and my wife and I went to Paris for ten days.  That’s what happens when you go without vacation for too long.  When you finally go….you Really Go!!

     Because of The Ozark Pet Nanny, we have the best of both worlds; we can raise our daughter in the country and still enjoy the sights, smells, and FOOD of the big cities!!                         John and Rebecca


     I am retired, I have two four legged kids, Jack and Honey.  I am a friendly person and know most of my neighbors.  Once, one of them asked me to watch their dog for them while they went on vacation, I said sure, I love animals.

     Soon I found myself taking care of six of my neighbor’s pets!  One day at the grocery store I saw a flyer for The Ozark Pet Nanny, I tore off one of the tabs with their phone number.  I never knew such a service existed.  I called and set up my Initial Consultation and asked Karen to bring me a handful of their brochures.

     Now, when my husband and I go away my Honey and Jack are well taken care of, we don’t have to stop the mail, they put my trash out.  My husband doesn’t worry about the house (we had a fire once and he has trouble relaxing when we go away).  But best of all, I handed each of my neighbors a Pet Nanny brochure before any hard feelings developed and spoiled my good friendship with anyone.  They have thanked me over and over for introducing them to the services of The Ozark Pet Nanny, they LOVE the Nanny’s!!                                       Carol and Richard


     We have been clients of The Ozark Pet Nanny for years, wouldn’t be without them.  We used to board our five dogs before we found the service and it was very expensive.  Now we pay half that, the dogs get to stay in their own home and there are so many other benefits too many to write here.  But, recently it was driven home to us just how valuable and convenient The Ozark Pet Nanny really is.

     Our phone rang at one in the morning.  My brother had been involved in a horrible accident.  The doctors didn’t know if he was going to make it.  My husband and I threw some clothes in a bag and took off.  My brother lives in another state so by the time we made airline reservations etc. we could drive and be there sooner.

     Still on the road at seven AM, I called The Ozark Pet Nanny.  One call and everything at home was taken care of that same morning.

     My brother made it, he is still recovering but will be fine.                              Kent and Melody

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