The Ozark Pet Nanny

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About Us

Know your pet
care Professional.

he Ozark Pet Nanny is owned and operated by Karen Salaway and Libby West of Camdenton MO.

Karen has experience both professionally and personally caring for a wide variety of animals.  She was a Veterinary Technician for seven years.

 Four of those years were spent working with Dr. Young DVM and Dr. Katz DVM at the Stuart Animal Hospital in Stuart Florida. Along with their Conventional Medical Practice, they both practiced Alternative Medicine.  Dr. Young was one of only six Veterinarians certified in Homeopathy in the state.  Dr. Katz practiced Chinese Herbal Therapies and Acupuncture. Working with these two Doctors afforded Karen a vast knowledge of conventional and holistic medications and their administration.

She worked with Dr. Wilsman DVM and Dr. Ward DVM at Lake of the Ozarks Animal Hospital in Linn Creek for three years. This was a special treat for Karen as the practice was for both small and large animals.

Call if you may be interested in becoming one of our Nanny''s the GREATEST job on the planet!!

Midday Dog Walks & Puppy  Care

Vacation & House Sitting Care

Convalescent Care

Pet Taxi, Supplies Delivery

Horse and Farm Care

Lawn and Garden Watering 

Light pool / spa care

         Aquarium Care / Feeding           
& More!

A word from the Owner.

Hello my name is Karen,
The animal hospitals I worked in as a Veterinary Technician all had boarding facilities.  Many of our guests took boarding right in stride.  They liked all of the noise from dozens of dogs, banging bowls, and people in and out all day.  All the different smells, sights, and sounds provided them with lots of stimulus!
Then there were the ones that were frightened by all of that.  They cowered in their cages, stopped eating and developed diarrhea.  These poor babies broke my heart.  I would go to the kennel when I had free time and try to comfort them as much as I could.  I have five dogs of my own and three do not seem to mind boarding.  But, two of them hate it!  And I never met a kitty cat that liked anything about living in a cage for a few days.
In those days there were no other alternatives.  This is why I started The Ozark Pet Nanny

The Ozark Pet Nanny is for the calmer, quieter, spoiled rotten (like mine) kind-a-guys, who like it at home.  It's for the pet owner with multiple pets. Some are hard to find a boarding facility that will take them, such as birds, fish, and rodents.  Also the expense, boarding my five dogs for ten days would cost me $600.00 to $700.00 dollars.  And that's if they didn't need any shots!

We do what we do at The Ozark Pet Nanny because we care!  We are animal lovers ourselves and we offer peace of mind for both pets and owners alike.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and your furry extended family,

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